Bicycle tour with Vienna Explorer Tours, group with bicycles in front of the parliament building, sun rays break over the buildings on the left of the picture Photo: Vienna Explorer Tours

7 questions for: Vienna Explorer Tours

Today we are talking to Vienna Explorer Tours. With this partner, you can discover Vienna and the beautiful Wachau Valley on professionally guided tours. You can also hire bikes to explore Vienna at your own pace.

Describe Vienna Explorer Tours in one sentence:

Vienna Explorer Tours offers professionally guided tours that combine history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes, showcasing Vienna's hidden treasures and the picturesque beauty of the Wachau Valley.

What will be the highlight in 2024 for Vienna Explorer Tours?

The highlight for Vienna Explorer Tours in 2024 includes visiting must-see sites such as Schönbrunn Palace and the Hundertwasserhaus, focussing on Vienna's culture and history. This suggests an emphasis on exploring iconic landmarks and delving into the rich cultural heritage of Vienna.

Do I have to be a sportive person to join your tours?

You do not have to be a sporty person to join the tour. However, a basic level of fitness is required to participate.

What kind of bikes are you renting?

We have all kinds of bikes. We offer E-bikes, Trekking Bikes, Child Bikes, and City Bikes. Furthermore, many different accessories are offered with the bikes such as panniers and helmets.

Can kids join a tour?

Kids can join any tour, often at a discounted rate.

What’s a must see when in Vienna?

The Danube Island by bike!

Please finish the sentence: Typically Viennese...

Typically Viennese are its lush green areas, offering serene escapes within the city, where locals and visitors alike can enjoy tranquil parks, gardens, and the Vienna Woods, providing a perfect blend of natural beauty and urban environment.

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