Festival of Lights Berlin, Potsdamer Platz, big red heart stands illuminated on Potsdamer Platz, in the background shine the Sony Center, DB Tower, Ritz Carlton Hotel Photo: Stefanie Jost

Festival of Lights in Berlin

When the days get shorter again, the temperatures drop, and summer in Berlin becomes a distant memory, it's time to make Berlin shine again. Many Berlin landmarks, historic sites, streets, squares, trendy neighborhoods and interesting places of recent Berlin history are set in scene with light. No wonder that the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS attracts so many tourists and Berliners at the same time. Tip: for all photo enthusiasts, the festival is a real lens feast.

  1. When is the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS?
  2. Do I have to pay admission to the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS?
  3. Which buildings are illuminated at the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS?
  4. Best route through the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS
  5. 3 tips for a successful FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS

When will the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS take place?

Already since 2005, the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS shines every autumn in Berlin. The entire city becomes a big stage and the sights, buildings, and squares are the actual stars! The light installations, sculptures, and a colorful supporting program create stories, introduce cultures, arts, and innovative technology, and transport messages on current topics.

The 19th FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS BERLIN will take place under the motto "Colours of life" from October 6-15, 2023, always from 19:00 - 23:00.

"We want to show with light art how multifaceted and beautiful life is in a diverse society. How we can all win with mutual respect and appreciation. And how a creative diversity arises from very different ways of living, which always brings forth something new and exciting. Not only in Berlin."


Festival of Lights Berlin, Berlin Cathedral, illuminated with various images projected onto the cathedral. Photo: Stefanie Jost
Berlin Cathedral at the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS

Do I have to pay admission to the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS?

No, you don't have to pay an entrance fee for this festival of lights. Thanks to numerous partners and sponsors, the privately financed FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS has been free of charge for all visitors every year since it was founded in 2005.

Which buildings will be illuminated at the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS?

This year's FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS will feature over 40 locations and squares with around 70 works of art to marvel at. The whole of Berlin will become an open-air gallery. In addition to the Brandenburg Gate, TV Tower, Berlin Cathedral, Bebelplatz, Potsdamer Platz, the Nikolaiviertel, and many neighborhoods, Charlottenburg Palace is also one of the main venues.

A detailed overview of all buildings can be found on the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS website.

Festival of Lights Berlin, Bebelplatz, Staatsoper Berlin is colorfully illuminated, a large spotlight casts pink light beams over the entire image Photo: Stefanie Jost
Bebelplatz at the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS

What is the best route through the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS?

The easiest way to navigate from place to place is on foot and by public transport. For example, if you have the EasyCityPass Berlin in your pocket, you don't have to constantly worry about finding the right change for a ticket. Once purchased, you can use the Berlin public transport system as often as you like during the desired period.

Since the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS goes over 10 nights, you can also choose different corners per evening and let the illuminations inspire you at your leisure.

Festival of Lights Berlin, Potsdamer Platz, four skyscrapers are colorfully illuminated Photo: Stefanie Jost
Potsdamer Platz at the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS

3 tips for a successful festival of lights

You can also discover the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS from the water or during a bus tour. On the website of the organizer, you will find a detailed overview of all offered tours. It pays to be quick because the number of tickets is limited.

Usually, the nights during the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS are the first really cold nights. Especially for all photo enthusiasts among you, if you stand behind your tripods for a long time and produce one long exposure after another, we can warmly recommend such small handbag warmers. Hot drinks in a thermos, with or without a shot, also do quite well.

Going to the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS together is especially nice. Grab your photography buddies, family members, and friends, for a very special walk through Berlin. A perfect opportunity to spend time together and enjoy art at the same time.

We wish you a wonderfully illuminated time at the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS in Berlin!

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