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4 Days in Vienna – A Family Experiment (Part 2/2)

4 Days in Vienna – A Family Experiment (Part 2/2)

I’m Olaf from the EasyCityPass team. My family and I spent 4 full days Vienna and every day I went undercover to visited one of our partners – out of curiosity.

This is part 2 of the series. If you haven’t read Day 1 & 2 yet, visit Part 1.

Day 3 – Off to lofty heights, but first to the Remise

Once again, a trip to the outskirts is on the agenda. It’s probably because it’s not the first time we’ve been to Vienna and we’re already putting out “feelers” into the surrounding area.

The forest rope park on the Kahlenberg is also tempting. Above the vineyards Grinzings with a fantastic view over Vienna. The park is so wonderfully designed for all ages and “courage” levels. You can visit the observation terrace on the Kahlenberg beforehand, but for food and drink it’s best to go to the Josefinenhütte right at the entrance to the Waldseilpark, quaint as in Tyrol.

If you still have time after your visit, don’t miss Nussdorf or Grinzing and their Heurigen – pure joie de vivre. Don’t worry, the Kahlenberg is easy to reach – the bus 38A goes up and before that you just take the streetcar or subway.

But the task was to visit one of our partners every day. This time we chose Remise, the transport museum of Wiener Linien. It is near the subway stop “Schlachthausgasse” (nice name 😉). Here you can relive the mobility development of Vienna. Absolutely not boring, because felt everything can be touched.

In short, these were 2 insider tips for visitors to Vienna. You should absolutely visit at least one of these attractions, if you want to make children happy.

Day 4 – House of the Sea / Torture Museum

It’s nice when the whole family can agree. This time it was made easy, because 4 days in Vienna are too little. Today was our last day and the day was packed.

First, on the agenda was to go shopping on Mariahilfer street and then still the Challenge was to “visit daddy’s EasyCityPass partner”. So it had to be pedestrian friendly and compatible with our shopping.

The choice was the Torture Museum in the underground then above it in the high bunker in the House of the Sea. Both worthy highlights of a great short trip.

The Torture Museum is definitely a place for teenagers. The basement room alone, where you can recreate a bombing raid in WWII, is something you’ll never forget. Some other stuff from the Middle Ages is a bit “folklore” but informative. At the end there is a glimpse into the present that makes you think and creates topics of conversation.

The House of the Sea afterwards is like “breathing freely”. So many wonderfully great and positive things. Here you can get really close to animals, or rather, the animals get really close to you. Once you have conquered all the floors of the high bunker and lived through this lively animal world, a fantastic terrace with an enchanting view over the city beckons as a reward.

This is a worthy conclusion to a memorable trip.

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