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The Ocean up-close… right in Vienna

A piece of the ocean right in the heart of Vienna? It actually exists! From sharks and rays to crocodiles, and monkeys, the aqua terra zoo Haus des Meeres houses over 10,000 animals to observe on 11 floors. Aside from the incredible 360-degree shark tank, which combines the beauty of the Maldives with the skyline of Vienna’s city centre, the adorable brush-tailed bettong baby is currently taking the visitors’ hearts by storm.

As soon as you enter the Haus des Meeres, you are plunged into another world. There is, for example, the surf reef featuring authentic sea surf. Thanks to a half-tunnel, you can be almost “inside” the impressive sea surf with its countless vibrant tropical fish. The stunning coral reef, which consists of 14 interconnected aquariums, is also buzzing with colorful life.

360-degree shark tank

A real highlight is the 360-degree shark tank measuring about 120 square meters on the seventh floor. Here, the undisputed stars are the Whitetip and Blacktip reef sharks, who share their habitat with related ray species.

Tropical house

In the tropical house, a real jungle adventure awaits. Cheeky little Goeldi's monkeys jump around freely to their hearts' content here. The 5-meter-long Sunda Gavial named Adam can be found in the Crocodile Park. Much smaller, but no less impressive, are the ants next door, who are busy working on the possibly longest ant street in the world. It runs over two floors and is an incredible 70 meters long.

In the recently reopened tropical house, there is currently a new addition. In July, a little white-faced saki baby was born. At the moment, the little monkey is clinging to its mother's fur, and in the coming weeks and months, it will go on exploratory tours through its new home.

Whether you come to admire the sea turtles, sharks, monkeys or the mini kangaroo, a visit to Haus des Meeres is an unforgettable experience.

Souvenir shop

Whether it's a cuddly monkey, a puppy postcard, or a coloring book – you will find a wide range of keepsakes and unusual gift ideas from your visit to the Haus des Meeres. The shop is located directly in front of the exit on the ground floor. If you look up, you can also peek through the glass floor plate into the pool of the Krokipark.

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