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Experience 10,000 Animals on 11 Floors

The House of the Sea Aqua Terra Zoo is housed in a former flak tower from World War II and is therefore particularly striking due to its height of almost 50 m. However, hardly anyone would assume from his external appearance that he has such a wonderfully colorful and lively interior.

Haus des Meeres

There are now over 10,000 animals on 11 floors and an area of ​​approx. 4000 m². Sharks, rays, turtles on water and on land, crocodiles, lizards of all kinds, snakes, fish from fresh and saltwater, birds, fruit bats, various monkeys, insects, and and and … there is always something new in the House of the Sea!

To the left and right – attached to the outer facade of the flak tower – are the tropical house and crocodile park. The tropical house is home to over 500 animals in an area of ​​200m² and a height of over 20 meters. Cheeky white tufted monkeys do gymnastics alongside tropical birds and you can experience all these animals without a barrier! All in all a real jungle adventure – in the middle of Vienna!

The hammerhead shark pool on the 10th floor is a real “hammer”. Already from the elevator, you can take a look at the new home of hammerhead sharks, Kuhnasen rays & Co. Portholes offer insights from the side and the front window is in the presentation room, where you can sit comfortably and enjoy the view.

An underwater adventure

Join us on a journey of discovery through the fascinating animal kingdom. Feel the elemental power of nature at the pulse of an element where all life originated! “Animalie” in the city will take you to an unknown realm full of color, movement and liveliness.

The House of the Sea presents the true treasures of the oceans, the animal treasures that have found a home in an old flak tower in the middle of the big city, and the people who make this miracle possible. Dive down and explore the depths of the sea with us.

For those who need to get away from it all in Vienna for a short while, to get a taste of jungle, sea and tropics, the city offers a unique place … the House of the Sea – Aqua Terra Zoo!

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