5 Questions To: BWSG (Berlin Water Sports and Services)

We are asking 5 questions and our partners are answering. Today we are talking to BWSG Boatours, (Berlin Water Sports and Services). The BWSG shipping company has its headquarters in the Marina Wendenschloß in Berlin-Köpenick. In addition to the classic shipping business, i.e. liner and charter services, they offer a variety of other services.

Describe BWSG in one sentence.

Experience Berlin from the water - We give the waves character!

What highlight will there be at BWSG in 2021?

Experience the new East Berlin daily until 31 October with the East Side Tour.

What story about the BWSG has never been told but should be heard?

How the VEB Yachtwerft Berlin became the BWSG and has now been successful on the market for 23 years.

What else should you definitely see in Berlin besides Berlin from the water side?

The Reichstag dome from the inside, the Brandenburg Gate from the outside, the TV tower from above, and the Unter den Linden underground station from below.

Finish the sentence - Typically Berlin is:

…icke dette kieke mal – da kannst nicht meckern! (Berlin slang.)

If you want to learn more about our EasyCityPass Berlin partner, you can find more information here.

Featured photo by BWSG