5 Questions To: Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin

Today we are talking to Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin. For a hundred years now, the theater has been known as Berlin’s number one address for big show entertainment.

The original theater building was built on Schiffbauerdamm as a market hall. It was later used by Circus Schumann, hence the address was once Am Zirkus 1. The theater’s history began on 29 November 1919 when Max Reinhardt opened the Großes Schauspielhaus, the precursor to the Palast. The Großes Schauspielhaus gained its present-day name of the Friedrichstadt-Palast on 1 November 1947.

Describe the Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin in one sentence:

Friedrichstadt-Palast is a theater with the largest theater stage in the world, unique shows, and 100 years of history.

What will be the highlight of the Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin in 2021?

The new Grand Show ARISE will start from 07 August 2021!

Why should you definitely have seen the new show ARISE?

ARISE ignites a storm of emotions that will also touch your heart with its powerful and magnificent images and magnificent images.

What else should you have seen besides a show at the Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin?

Berlin offers a variety of beautiful places and great activities. Especially great is the museum island, the flea markets, and the many, different restaurants.

Finish the sentence - Typically Berlin is:

…To end the evening comfortably with a drink of his/her choice at the Spree or in the park.

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Featured photo by Friedrichstadt-Palast