5 Questions To: Future Bus Tours

Today we are talking with Future Bus Tours. Our one-of-a-kind Future Bus Tour combines 3 elements - a classic bus tour, an audio guide, and a virtual reality experience.

In our comfortable purple bus, you will be able to look through the windows and enjoy many of Vienna’s magnificent buildings, churches, and monuments. The places you will see are must-see and must-visit sights and you will get to see them all in one hour. Instead of walking around in the summer’s heat or winter’s rain, you will get to enjoy them from our comfortable, air-conditioned bus.

Describe Future Bus Tours in one sentence.

Guests of all ages can be closer than ever to your famous wax idols from around the world.

What will be the highlights at Future Bus Tours in 2021?

We have special hot prices in summer 2021:

Adults pay instead of 33€ now only 25€,
Children pay instead of 25€ now only 21€,
Families pay instead of 99€ now only 80€.

What special detail should not be overlooked in Future Bus Tours?

We are really a special bus tour. Unique. We managed to bring our guests into a totally different historical reality. We are almost a time machine.

What else should you experience in Vienna besides a tour with Future Bus Tours?

Stroll in the old town, enjoy a coffee in a real Viennese coffeehouse, maybe take a ride in a Fiaker…

Typically Viennese is:

…Maybe eat a Tafelspitz… But only after paying a visit to the Future Bus Tour ;-)

If you want to learn more about our EasyCityPass Vienna partner, you can find more information here.

Featured photo by Future Bus Tours