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Zimmerstraße 91, 10117 Berlin

Fare Zone AB

U2 Mohrenstraße, U6 Kochstraße / Checkpoint Charlie

M29 Kochstraße / Checkpoint Charlie

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Immerse Yourself in the Divided City of Berlin

Immerse yourself in a virtual experience with TimeRide. With three attractions, there's something for everyone:

  • Germany Time Travel: 10 minutes of German history and virtual reality to get to know it.
  • Berlin 1985: 45 minutes and experience Berlin's history up close with Virtual Reality
  • TimeRide Go!: 90 minutes of emotional virtual reality city tour


Go on a time travel through German history with TimeRide! Since November 2022, we have offered "The Germany Time Travel" in addition to the virtual excursion Berlin 1985. You can take a virtual journey through the history of Germany with mobile VR glasses. Thanks to virtual reality, you can experience milestones in German history from the Romans in Cologne to the fall of the Wall in Berlin. The virtual tour lasts around 10 minutes and, thanks to 360-degree moving image scenes, provides an emotional and impressive overview of formative events in German history. The Germany Time Travel takes place with mobile VR glasses in front of the TimeRide Senseum; it can be booked in combination with the Time Travel to Divided Berlin or as a stand-alone VR experience.

BERLIN 1985 (45 minutes): ONE CITY - TWO WORLDS

Berlin, 1985: A bus rolls up to Checkpoint Charlie, the guards blocking the way to check the passengers. The passengers are travelers to a bygone era - guests of TimeRide Berlin. Modern VR technology makes it possible not only to take a look at history but to experience it firsthand.

TIMERIDE GO! (90 minutes/city tour: 2.3 km)

TimeRide GO! is an emotional virtual reality city tour through the dramatic history of Berlin in the 20th century. Your personal guide will lead you on the approximately 90-minute tour to the central scenes of the 20th century. At selected stops, you put on mobile VR glasses and experience first-hand what this place once looked like - the perfect past-today comparison. With their legendary movie theaters, Prussian Berlin and the Golden Twenties come to life before your eyes. Let the monumental buildings of the Nazi dictatorship take effect on you and stand in the midst of the ruins of 1945. Experience the feeling of standing in the border strip of divided Berlin and, thanks to the mobile VR glasses, be there live at the fall of the Wall in 1989! With TimeRide GO! you will experience a unique time travel that will catapult you into the middle of history: For Berliners, visitors, and friends of the capital.

Important notes

Minimum age of 6 years. Suitable for the wearer of glasses and wheelchair users. Please be advised that there is maybe a waiting time at the entrance.

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* The attractions can also be booked in advance ONLINE at www.timeride.de/berlin after selecting the desired ticket and date with the keyword EasyCity .


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Wheelchair accessible