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Traditional Candy Manufactory in the City Center of Vienna

At the Zuckerlwerkstatt, all products are crafted to 100% by hand, following 150-year-old handcrafting techniques and recipes from the 18th century. They were passed on to them from the old, famous Viennese candy producers of the old days.

Traditional, handcrafted candy in its finest way

On a daily basis, the manufactory is producing many old sorts of traditional Viennese candy, of which all are made with attention to detail, quality, and old, traditional handcraft techniques. Creativity and the best of the best ingredients are the keys to make the candy exceptional and gratifying.

Finest ingredients

Just the very best Austrian raw materials, natural ingredients, and of course love and passion are necessary, to create their finest candy. Moreover, everybody can watch this fascinating process of manufacturing every day directly in their show manufactories in Vienna and Salzburg. The ingredients, which are used are natural and originate from regional suppliers and producers. Natural flavors, volatile oils, natural coloring, and of course ingredients like chocolate, hazelnut-paste, herbs, spices make their candy exceptional.

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