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History at your fingertips

The DDR Museum Berlin is "hands-on history", with texts and over 200 objects from everyday life that visitors can interact with hidden in drawers and cupboards. This makes the exhibition an experience in one of the most interactive museums in the world and one of the most popular museums in Germany. With EasyCityPass, you get a 10% discount on the regular admission price! Guarantee your discount and discover the German Democratic Republic, an important part of German history.

Interactive time travel in the DDR Museum Berlin

Visitors are taken on an interactive journey back in time to the socialist past. They can take a seat in the world's only Trabant driving simulation, dance Lipsi, or browse through the rooms of a WBS 70 prefabricated apartment furnished true to the original. Touching and trying out the exhibits is expressly encouraged in the DDR Museum! There is something to discover, touch, and experience everywhere. Your knowledge is expanded, clichés are reconsidered and history is experienced firsthand - according to the principle of "hands-on history".

Facets of life in the GDR

The DDR Museum is one of the most visited museums in Berlin. It offers a comprehensive presentation of life in the German democratic republic, covering various aspects such as political, military, and economic structures as well as everyday life shaped by the dictatorship. The unique exhibition shows a historical perspective from the point of view of the population and highlights the impact of the decisions of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany (SED) on everyday life.

The chosen cultural-historical perspective conveys a deep understanding and goes beyond the presentation of simple historical facts. Would you like to experience this playful approach to history? Guarantee yourself discounted tickets with the EasyCityPass: at the DDR Museum, you get a 10% discount on the regular admission price with the city pass.

The exhibition

The interactive exhibition is not chronological but thematically divided into 47 modules. In each of the thematic areas, exciting exhibits and interactive installations can be discovered that tell stories about life in the GDR. Entering the first part of the exhibition, one finds oneself in a prefabricated housing estate on a scale of 1:20. What appears gray, dreary, and monotonous at first glance is, on closer inspection, merely a shell for a lively everyday culture.

In the second part of the exhibition, one enters the "semicircle of power" and sees: that in the center sits the party. Around this center, the various sections on topics such as "politics," "military," "economy" or "state system" gather in a semicircle.

In the third part of the exhibition, you can discover a completely and faithfully furnished Plattenbau apartment and private life in the GDR. A child's and teenager's room, a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, a Stasi listening room, and a garage can be freely explored and experienced.

The museum's collections currently comprise around 300,000 objects. Most of them come from private individuals who bequeathed their "life companions" to the museum. Thousands of different donors have thus preserved objects for posterity. Experience German history up close in the DDR Museum and get an authentic insight into the lives of people in the GDR!

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