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DeJa Vu Museum Berlin: Wow Moments at the Museum for Optical Illusions

A unique experience awaits at the DeJa Vu Museum in Berlin. Fans of magic, art-lovers, as well as those with an interest in photography will get their money’s worth here. This museum fits especially well into the agenda for a family trip. Celebrate a feast for the senses, take cool pictures, and be awed by astonishing visual effects. We’ll show you what’s waiting for you at the DeJa Vu Museum.

What is the DeJa Vu Museum in Berlin?

The DeJa Vu Museum in Berlin is a new interactive museum for optical illusions and modern art. The various exhibits invite you to take part and be awed.

On 1000 m², the DeJa Vu Museum offers a broad spectrum of fun exhibits for all age groups. It is explicitly encouraged to try things out, to take part, and to be amazed. Experience astonishing effects, impressive wow moments, and a ton of fun in this unique exhibition.

The museum is situated in the heart of Berlin, directly by the Alexanderplatz. As one of the biggest museums in Europe, this unique exhibition spans across two floors. It’s a fantastic attraction for family trips. But take a look for yourself.

The exhibits at the DeJa Vu Museum for optical illusions

The impressive exhibits at the DeJa Vu Museum in Berlin consist of several types of exhibits:

  • Digital Exhibits: Be awed by digital artworks and interactive installations, that encourage you to gawk and ponder. Here, modern technologies create unique experiences.
  • Physical Exhibits: Go on a fascinating journey and attempt to navigate the world between reality and fantasy.
  • Optical Exhibits: Challenge your mind and put your perception to the test. It doesn’t get more creative than this!
  • Interactive Exhibits: Take part, try things out, and be awed – become part of the illusion yourself and find out how the confusing mechanisms work.

The gallery at the DeJa Vu Museum for optical illusions

Die DeJa Vu Museum has lots to offer for those who are interested in art. The gallery consists of 60 paintings by the Ukrainian artist Oleg Shupliak. His artworks invite you to find the hidden details in the paintings.

With a closer look, you’ll find impressive and surprising details in the paintings, that will surely gift you a true wow moment. After all, these artworks are displayed in this museum for optical illusions for a good reason.

This is what you can do at the DeJa Vu Museum

The DeJa Vu Museum for optical illusions in Berlin promises magical experiences and a unique source of entertainment. Gawk at the fascinating paintings by Oleg Shupliak and visit the various theme rooms.

Each room is individually created and serves the purpose of stimulating your fantasy. Experience the power of nature in our Thunderstorm Room, and let yourself be enchanted by the Star Room and the Dark Room. Enjoy floating globes in our Globe Room, let yourself be pulled into the Abyss Room, and laugh until you drop into the Mirror Room.

All these rooms are perfect opportunities for a small photoshoot. The backgrounds with amazing light effects offer a unique atmosphere and various opportunities to make funny and cool photos.

Additionally, there are many other great exhibits at the DeJa Vu Museum. Dig around in the interactive sandbox and create your own map, laugh about the mirror mix of your face, and take a seat on the Buchet Chair.

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