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5 Questions To: “Wien mal anders” – Vienna in a different way.

5 Questions To: “Wien mal anders” – Vienna in a different way.

Today we are talking with “Wien mal anders”. “Boring sightseeing was yesterday!

Everyone knows the boring guidebook sightseeing tours, where countless numbers are presented and in the end, you got no feeling for the city. Discover real, unique Viennese pieces and become part of the city yourself. There are no waiting times, no crowds and the tours are exclusive and unique in every price range.

The offer ranges from hidden places, history and culture, sustainable tours, culinary tours, Viennese original as well as tours and sightseeing tours. With these encounters, Vienna will definitely stay in your memory for longer!

Describe “Wien mal anders” in one sentence.

“Wien mal anders” is Vienna from a completely different perspective.

What will be the highlights in 2022?

Every tour, every experience lives to a certain extent from the dynamics and diversity of the guests. Thus, each tour is a unique highlight in itself.

For whom is “Wien mal anders” particularly suitable?

For all those who not only want to explore the classic tourist paths but also really want to “feel” Vienna.

What else should you experience in Vienna besides a tour with you guys?

A sausage stand, because that’s where people come together – no matter whether they’re young, old, normal, wealthy…

Typically Viennese is:

…Fiaker and „Oachkatzlschwoaf“

If you want to learn more about our EasyCityPass Vienna partner, you can find more information here.

Featured photo by Wien mal anders

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