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5 Questions To: Sisi’s Amazing Journey

5 Questions To: Sisi’s Amazing Journey

Today we are talking with Sisi’s Amazing Journey in Vienna, Austria. This incredible experience is offering a Virtual 5D Boat Trip with Austria’s legendary Empress Sisi.

In a great Sisi film, you will learn everything about Sisi’s life, her most beautiful moments, and her fateful years. Take a seat in 3 boats and experience an exciting adrenaline-filled ride with Sisi through the underground and aboveground Vienna.

Describe Sisi’s Amazing Journey in one sentence.

Let Empress Sisi take you on a mysterious tour of Vienna’s sewers, with the help of a virtual reality 360┬░ boat ride, she’s excited to show you Vienna as even she hasn’t seen it yet.

What will be the highlights at Sisi’s Amazing Journey in 2021?

All wall designs in the waiting area were renewed and a photo point now shortens the waiting time for our guests.

What special story about Sisi do few people know?

Sisi had an anchor tattooed on her left shoulder – in aristocratic circles a well-known symbol of longing for the sea.

What else should you experience in Vienna besides Sisi’s Amazing Journey?

Time Travel Vienna ­čÖé

Typically Viennese is:

ÔÇŽA carriage ride through the 1st district!

If you want to learn more about our EasyCityPass Vienna partner, you can find more information here.

Featured photo by Sisi’s Amazing Journey

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