5 Questions To: S-Bahn Berlin

We are asking 5 questions and our partners are answering. Today we are talking to the S-Bahn Berlin. The history of the company is linked to the history of Berlin: The red and yellow trains have been part of the Berlin cityscape since 1924. The employees are on duty 365 days a year, around the clock, to provide passengers an attractive S-Bahn service.

Describe S-Bahn Berlin in one sentence.

We connect Berlin with Brandenburg/work & leisure/city & country/people and offer unique views of the Berlin metropolitan region.

What will be the highlight with S-Bahn Berlin in 2021?

Our highlight in 2021: the first trains of the new series have been in service since 01.01.2021.

What special story of the S-Bahn Berlin has never been told before, but should be heard?

There are many exciting stories about the S-Bahn and Berlin. We tell them in our podcast series: Geschichten machen Station. (Unfortunately, the podcast is in German only.)

What else should you have experienced in Berlin besides a ride on the S-Bahn Berlin?

Berlin is multi-culti, so we recommend discovering Berlin's culinary diversity as well. How about baklava?

Finish the sentence - Typically Berlin is:

……the triad of the S-Bahn still existing in many series… - here you can download the door sound!

If you want to learn more about our EasyCityPass Berlin partner, you can find more information here.

Featured photo by S-Bahn Berlin

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