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Empress Sisi

Have you always wanted to learn more about Empress Sisi? Across the street from Time Travel Vienna, there is a new attraction called “Sisi’s Amazing Journey” that provides a humorous and informative look into her life.

The life of Empress Sisi

Empress Sisi had an exciting life. As a Bavarian country girl, she married Emperor Franz Joseph at a very young age of 16 and moved to the Viennese court. At 20 she was already the mother of 3 children, a fourth child followed 10 years later. As a balance to the rather conservative Viennese court ceremonial, Sisi traveled a lot and found much strength in sports and literature.

The joie de vivre of the Hungarians inspired her and so she also spent a lot of time there and was very committed to the unification of Austria-Hungary. Sisi’s body cult was legendary and a great role model for many. Her end was tragic, she was murdered by an anarchist in Geneva, she was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sisi’s life was filmed many times, the trilogy with Romy Schneider and Karl Heinz Böhm was a world success.

The trip with Empress Elisabeth

Sisi’s Amazing Journey experience lasts 30 minutes consisting of 2 parts.

Sisi’s Life:

An entertaining short film about her most important years in an anecdotal narrative style. In addition, you will learn about the highlights of her life through wall paintings. (15 minutes)

Sisi’s VR-Boat Ride:

Take a seat in 3 boats and experience an exciting adrenaline-filled ride with Sisi through the underground and aboveground Vienna. (15 minutes)

What to expect on the Sisi’s Amazing Journey:

  • An introduction with 20 humorous anecdotes and many spicy details about Sisi
  • A superlative boat ride with state-of-the-art simulators and virtual reality technology
  • A ride through underground Vienna in the sewage system
  • An encounter with the cheering crowds and the paddle steamer of your
    Bride Train
  • Scary fun in the torture chamber of Elisabeth Báthory and the murdered virgins
  • A landing in the animal enclosure of the Schönbrunn Zoo, suddenly surrounded by many penguins
  • A breathtaking flight over Vienna with 360 degree panoramic view
  • All accompanied by Empress Sisi, valet Ketterl and the helmsman of the boat

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