5 Questions To: BODY WORLDS Museum

We are asking 5 questions and our partners are answering. Today we are talking to BODY WORLDS Museum. The BODY WORLDS Museum gives insights into the highly complex structures of the human body and shows what connects us, keeps us upright and in motion, and what makes us laugh and love. Moreover, the Museum opens the visitors' eyes to various facets that determine our existence.

Describe the BODY WORLDS Museum in one sentence:

The BODY WORLDS exhibitions provide comprehensive preventive medical education and are designed to invite every visitor to reflect on and take an in-depth look at their own body.

What will be the highlight of the BODY WORLDS Museum in 2021?

Hard to say at the moment. Therefore, "The Reopening" for sure!

What story about the What are the must-sees for visitors at BODY WORLDS Museum?

Every BODY WORLDS Museum exhibition features real human specimens, including a variety of impressive whole-body plastinates as well as individual organs, blood vessel configurations, and transparent longitudinal and cross-sections of the body. They provide a comprehensive insight into the anatomy and physiology of the human body. Organ functions but also common diseases are explained in a direct comparison of healthy and diseased organs in an easily understandable way.

What else should you definitely see in Berlin besides the BODY WORLDS Museum?

Berlin offers a variety of exciting attractions that are well worth seeing.

Finish the sentence - Typically Berlin is:

…Berlin became one of the most diverse cities in the world because of the Wall. Every neighbourhood is unique and shows the most diverse characters! The original Berliners are said to have a certain directness.

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Featured photo by BODY WORLDS Museum