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"The ticket, please!"

2021, almost 600,000 passengers were caught without a valid ticket by Berlin's public transport companies and S-Bahn Berlin. For driving without a ticket, the transport companies impose fines of 60 euros. With EasyCityPass Berlin, you can easily save yourself this hassle.

Buy a ticket for the duration of your stay, stamp it, and off you go. Discover Berlin comfortably by subway and S-Bahn, bus, or streetcar and get discounts at tourist highlights at the same time. The EasyCityPass Berlin is available in our online store, at all vending machines and points of sale of the S-Bahn Berlin, DB vending machines, and DB travel centers as well as vending machines and/or points of sale at all train stations and at the airport.

592,000 travelers without a valid ticket in Berlin

The inspectors of the BVG and the Berlin S-Bahn caught around 592,000 passengers without valid tickets in 2021. In approximately 6.9 million checks carried out by BVG, employees registered 290,000 people in subways, buses, and streetcars without valid tickets. That was around 40,000 more than in 2020. 9.3 million checks were carried out by the Berlin S-Bahn. These detected around 302,000 passengers without a valid ticket. Here, the figure has remained roughly the same as in the previous year. According to a spokeswoman for the S-Bahn Berlin, the number of checks is stipulated in the transport contract.

How much does it cost to travel without a ticket on Berlin's public transport system?

Anyone who uses Berlin's public transportation without a valid ticket and is caught in the process must pay a fine of 60 Euros. The fine can then be paid either directly on the train or on the platform by Girocard (EC card) or credit card. If the increased transportation fee is to be transferred, this must be done within 14 days.

Beware of fake inspectors!

Unfortunately, from time to time criminals try to pass themselves off as ticket inspectors. If you are ever unsure, ask to see proof of identity. Every ticket inspector must be able to identify himself as such. As a rule, they already have their ID on and show it without being asked. Most of the time, the scammers ask the passengers to pay the fine in cash. However, inspectors who work for the S-Bahn Berlin or Berlin transport companies never ask for cash. With them, payment can only be made by Girocard or credit card, as described above.

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Berlin subway

What does a ticket cost in Berlin?

There are many different ticket options in Berlin. The price depends on which fare zone you choose. If you only want to explore the city, then the fare zone Berlin AB is enough for you. If you are coming from or have to go to the airport, or if you would like to make a trip to Potsdam during your visit to Berlin, then you should opt for the Berlin ABC fare zone.

Single ticket, 4-trip ticket, day tickets in Berlin

The single ticket is intended for one trip within 2 hours. You can buy as many tickets as you need and validate them before the trip. Interruptions are possible within 2 hours. Caution: Round trips and return trips are excluded from this ticket!

With the day ticket, you can travel on public transport for 24 hours. But already on the third trip this ticket pays off.

The current ticket prices and other ticket options can be found on the websites of our mobility partners S-Bahn Berlin and BVG.

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Flyer EasyCityPass Berlin

Why the EasyCityPass Berlin is worth it for your stay in Berlin!

If you don't want to search for change on every bus ride, don't want to think about buying tickets all the time, and definitely don't want to get a 60 Euro fine for driving without a valid ticket, then opt for the EasyCityPass Berlin.

With our ticket, you can use public transport unlimited and get up to 50% discount at our tourist partners. You can see exactly which partners are included on our partner overview page.

Where can I buy the EasyCityPass Berlin?

You can buy the EasyCityPass Berlin online, mobile, or in-person at various customer centers. Our online shop is open 24/7 for you. Buy your ticket, specify when and for whom it should be valid and you will receive it directly by mail. Are you on the road? Then you can find the EasyCityPass Berlin in the BVG ticket app and the VBB app.

If you prefer to buy the ticket in person, you can find us at the S-Bahn Berlin customer centers, DB travel centers at all stations, or at the airport. For all those who decide to buy the EasyCityPass Berlin shortly before boarding: you can also find us on all S-Bahn and DB ticket machines.

Now you know all about it and nothing can go wrong. Therefore, we wish you a great stay in Berlin. Do you need some inspiration or ideas on what to do during your trip to Berlin? Then follow us on our Instagram channel.

See you in Berlin!

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