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The doors at Zur Mitzitant Vienna are open again since October 2022. In the beautiful 7th district, the team around “Mitzi” welcomes you and serves you classics of Viennese and Austrian cuisine. On the menu are: Schnitzel, Tafelspitz, Gefüllte Paprika, Käsespätzle, Steirischer Backhendlsalat, or seasonal classics such as Martini Gansl. At the Mitzitant, no guest leaves the restaurant hungry.

About the “Zur Mitzitant” and the Beisl culture

A Beisl is understood to be an Austrian inn or guesthouse. According to Austria’s dictionary of Bavarian dialects, the term comes from the Czech “pajzl”, which means pub or dive. It is a diminutive short form of the noun “hampejz” – with the meanings “dog house, bowling alley”, later also “brothel”. Initially, the term “Beisl” was used in Vienna to refer to a low-class establishment, until its meaning changed for the better. Today one speaks even of Nobelbeiseln, which are restaurants with elegant down-to-earth kitchens. (Source:

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