Zur Mitzitant Vienna

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Seidengasse 39, 1070 Vienna

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U6 Burggasse

5 Stollberggasse, Westbahnstraße, 49 Kaiserstraße/Westbahnstraße

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The doors at Zur Mitzitant Vienna are open again since October 2022. In the beautiful 7th district, the team around "Mitzi" welcomes you and serves you classics of Viennese and Austrian cuisine . On the menu are: Schnitzel, Tafelspitz, Gefüllte Paprika, Käsespätzle, Steirischer Backhendlsalat, or seasonal classics such as Martini Gansl. At the Mitzitant, no guest leaves the restaurant hungry.

Zur Mitzitant and the Beisl culture - an unforgettable experience

A beisl is an Austrian pub or inn. The term comes from the Czech "pajzl", which means pub or dive, according to the dictionary of Bavarian dialects in Austria. It is a diminutive short form of the main word "hampejz" - with the meanings "dog house, bowling alley", later also "brothel".

Culinary heritage in the heart of Vienna

The Wirtshaus Zur Mitzitant is a real jewel of Viennese restaurant culture. This rustic restaurant combines traditional Viennese cuisine with a touch of modernity, creating a unique ambience in which every guest immediately feels at home. Down-to-earth cuisine is a top priority here, and you can look forward to a variety of tasty, typically Viennese dishes prepared with passion and dedication. Each dish tells its own story and invites you to immerse yourself in the world of Viennese pub culture. The Mitzitant stands for authentic enjoyment and warm hospitality, surrounded by an atmosphere that is reminiscent of times gone by, but at the same time brings a breath of fresh air to the Viennese restaurant scene.

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