Unsicht-Bar - Dining and Theater in the dark

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Saarbrückerstraße 36-38, 10405 Berlin

Fare Zone AB

U2 Senefelder Platz

S5, S7, S75 Alexanderplatz

M2 Mollstraße/ Prenzlauer Allee

Mon – Wed 10 % on € 49 normal price Thu – Sat dinner and show 10 % on € 69 normal price

Unsicht-Bar Berlin

Discover the world of the senses in Berlin’s first dark restaurant and the world’s first dark theater - Unsicht-Bar . Not seeing means seeing differently. A new world of fine sensuality and culinary delights in an amazing ambience. Berlin’s first dark restaurant has spoiled its satisfied guests for over 15 years. For Dinner in the Dark we softly stimulate your four remaining senses in total darkness with a fascinating cultural program.

Let your nose explore

Your eyes will take a break from the thousands of visual messages from the day. You will be able to experience what wonderful work your other senses are capable of. Feel a gentle breeze. Feel the things on your table. Let your nose explore unknown horizons and experience pure taste without any visual pretense. You will feel the presence of your table partners. It will feel surprising how the simplest conversation will feel different. A genuine sensory rush! The world’s first dark theater was built in the dark restaurant Unsicht-Bar. Choose between our Crime Dinner, Creepy dinner, concerts, experiences and much more.

A new light to everyday experiences

You will see these everyday experiences in a new light after a visit to the dark restaurant. Our chef cook creates an unforgettable Dinner in the Dark with fresh and exquisite ingredients. A variety of daily menus are available to choose from – or be enchanted by our surprise menu.

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* Reservation required

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