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Zimmerstraße 97, 10117 Berlin

Fare Zone AB

U2 Stadtmitte, U6 Kochstraße

M29 Kochstraße

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The Best Way To See Berlin

Driving a Trabant yourself and discovering the city is a unique experience. After a short technical briefing you are set for the ride and at the end you will get the Trabi driving licence. The Trabi-Safari is an amusing city tour in a guided convoy with live commentary from the guide in the front car. Tours in German and English.

Choose between two routes:

Berlin Compact:

Duration: 1h15min Off the beaten tourist path you will drive along the sights in the middle of Berlin, the former east part of the city and along the East Side Gallery, the longest still remaining part of the Berlin Wall and get back crossing Checkpoint Charlie.

Berlin XXL:

Duration: 2h15min Investigating the remains of the Berlin Wall they will take you to where the Cold War was „hot“ and show you Berlin from a really unique perspective. Driving past historical places which have been and still are the focus of world politics, they will guide you through the formerly divided city of Berlin - a hands-on experience on both Berlin's exciting past and presence! Included in the price is also a typical Berlin souvenir.

Start point:

TrabiWorld, Zimmerstraße 97-100, 10117 Berlin Go Trabi Go!

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In winter Trabi World is closing at 5 pm.