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Mirror Maze In Berlin

A wonderful experience awaits you in the heart of the city: the Spiegellabyrinth Berlin (Mirror Maze Berlin)! Wind your way through corridors and paths to reach a predetermined destination. But be careful! Due to the special arrangement of the mirrors, you might suspect passages and paths that don’t even exist. With a little patience and skill, however, you are guaranteed to find the exit.

The Maze was designed to make an impression of infinite corridors and optical illusions. Large-scale mirrors, by skillful arrangement, feign infinite corridors and, at the same time, constitute barriers which prevent a simple passage through the labyrinth.

Mirrors and Virtual Reality

The Mirror Maze Berlin is a unique and exciting attraction that leads into the magical world of fun and joy. The mirror maze is designed to give an impression of endless corridors and optical illusions. Large mirrors, cleverly arranged, simulate infinite corridors and at the same time represent barriers that prevent easy passage through the maze. One of the most popular places for children, teenagers and the whole family.

The use of mirrors irritates the perception of the viewer and also creates uncertainty in regard to his own location. It’s a one of the most popular places for children, teenagers and the whole family. Do not let the incredible experience escape and get lost with us!

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