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The Wild Twenties Tour in Berlin

In the wild twenties, Berlin was regarded as the most wicked cultural capital of the continent - a fascination that remains unbroken until today. In 1920, Berlin became Greater Berlin, and at one stroke the third largest city in the world. A cosmopolitan city in high spirits. Between Kudamm and Kaschemmen, Swingmusik and moral police, caraway brandy and cocaine and even then a vibrant city and the vital metropolis that breathes pure joie de vivre! In the Roaring Twenties , Berlin was considered the most wicked cultural capital on the continent - a fascination that has remained unbroken to this day. In 1920, Berlin became Greater Berlin and, at one stroke, became the third largest city in the world. A cosmopolitan city in a frenzy. Between Kudamm and Kaschemmen, swing music and the customs police, caraway schnapps and cocaine and even then a pulsating city and the vital metropolis that breathes pure zest for life!

Golden Twenties Era

The success of musicals such as “Cabaret” , films and books such as “Berlin Alexanderplatz” and the still popular street hits show how much the Weimar Republic is still fascinating. The art and the world of the artists was incredible and glamorous, at the same time also critically and politically engaged. The capital of the Reich enjoyed itself magnificently in pompous variety shows and wicked dance halls. The nightlife and some places  from the 1920s - such as the Volksbühne or Clärchens Ballhaus - are still part of the cultural DNA of the big city.

Twenties Tour

If you have always wanted to know where famous Berlin artists enjoyed their time in the 20s - The Wild Twenties Tour is for you. Our guide will show you and guide you to original locations of the time: from the chic Kudamm and Tauentzien, to the sinful Bermuda triangle around Nollendorfplatz, then through Potsdamer Straße, Potsdamer Platz, Friedrichstraße, finally to Berlin Mitte, of course beyond from well-trodden tourist paths, over the Rosa Luxemburg square to Alexanderplatz.

Start to finish point

120-minute bus tour start / end in front of the Friedrichstadt-Palast.

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