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Art and cultural tours since 1991

Since 1991 we are offering guided tours to the most important spots of the art, culture, architecture, fashion, design, and urban landscape in Berlin. Our guided tours range from architectural tours, design, fashion, and gallery tours to our special hotel visits and culinary discoveries through the capital.

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Friedenau country house colony

Friedenau, founded in 1874: Successful authors, famous painters, and sculptors, as well as politicians of all stripes, have lived in the middle-class idyll of small country villas and old buildings with attractive Art Nouveau facades and front gardens...

Who is Who

Berlin’s celebrities at the Dorotheenstädtischen-Friedrichswerder Cemetery. Many of the people buried here took care of their otherworldly dwelling while they were still alive...


Hohenschönhausen is mainly known for the former Stasi prison and prefabricated buildings. But the district has much more to offer, as the tour shows...

The Federal School Bernau

The most impressive and almost completely preserved, restored complete project by Bauhäuslern is not in Berlin, but in front of its gates and we would like to take you there comfortably by bus...

The Friedrichstrasse

There are few streets with such a sonorous name as the Friedrichstrasse. It runs through Berlin’s historical center from the north to the south of Kreuzberg and is currently a model for a new inner-city traffic concept...

Salon Photographique collection regard

The French term “Regard” means something like “the look” or “the attention”. As the name of the Collection, so is its objective: the collection takes a look at photographic works and artists and aims to enable the interested public to (re)discover them.

Revolution, Fall of the Wall, Reunification

The tour takes in key sites of the revolution, the fall of the Wall, and reunification, explaining both the lead-up to and the historical events of 1989 and 1990, right up to the dramatic hour of November 9, 1989.

Sculptures for Berlin's boulevard

Look at the boulevard “Unter den Linden” with different eyes: We want to discover the numerous and diverse sculptures that adorn the boulevard and its squares.

Along the U8

Beyond the utopian glass house designs of the architectural avant-garde, a technical everyday organism already provided the real basis for simplifying public life: The color system of subway line 8 integrates the most modern understanding of information.

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