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Hike – Kahlenberg to Vienna Nussdorf

Hike – Kahlenberg to Vienna Nussdorf

Let’s take a hike in Vienna from the Kahlenberg over the Leopoldsberg and the Nasenweg to Nussdorf.


6km, 2,5 h zu Fuß - Vom Kahlenberg über den Leopoldsberg und den Nasenweg nach Nussdorf.

Distance: 3.73 mi
Time: 2.5 hours (approx.)
Elevation: 75ft / 1,100 ft

Off to Vienna’s most beautiful view

Rural vacation in Vienna, it’s off to the 19th district.

Heiligenstadt, Nussdorf, Grinzing – wonderful places that we associate with wine, music and joie de vivre.

From the Heiligenstadt underground station on the U4 line, take the 38a bus via Grinzing to Kahlenberg. Here we start.

If you want to strengthen yourself, make a stop in Grinzing in the wonderful Heurigen restaurants. You will love them.

Here you can take a short walk on foot, there are wonderful villas whose residents may well be known. The cemetery houses some graves of famous people like Gustav Mahler or Peter Alexander.

PC: Olaf Luft

But now to the almost 500m high Kahlenberg. You will see it when you stand up here on Vienna’s panorama terrace, you have a magical view of the city and the Danube.

The Kahlenberg became world famous through the Polish king Sobiesky, who marched with his army over the Kahlenberg in 1683 and liberated Vienna from the Turkish besiegers at the last moment. You can still find a memorial plaque here at St. Joseph’s Church.

A little tip for families: there is a wonderful climbing park up here. It is definitely worth it!

We go further and, after enjoying the view, change the mountain and go to the neighboring Leopoldsberg. It is the easternmost foothills of the Alps. There is an 800 year old castle up here. And then we’re already there, on the nasal passage.

PC: Olaf Luft

We come to Kahlenbergdorf on asphalted 1.5km with 12 hairpin bends, several stairs and many beautiful views of Vienna and the Danube.

From there it goes along the Danube to Nussdorf train station. The last way on the Danube sounds romantic, but it is not due to the parallel road.

In all the municipalities mentioned, which belong to the 19th district, you will find many options for stopping off.

A day like shore leave.

Feature Photo By Olaf Luft

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