5 Questions To: Museum of Letters in Berlin (Buchstabenmuseum Berlin)

We are asking 5 questions and our partners are answering. Today we are talking to the Museum of Letters (Buchstabenmuseum Berlin). Individual and high-quality shop inscriptions disappear from our view and from that of our customers.

Consciousness – if they don’t preserve it. This task is taken over by the Buchstabenmuseum. They collect, preserve and document the literal signs of past epochs. The museum does not receive any public funding and only exists through the generous support volunteered by many helping hands.

Describe the Museum of Letters in one sentence.

The Museum of Letters is the first museum in the world to collect typography from public spaces and present it as part of the city's history.

What will be the highlight at the Museum of Letters in 2021?

This year we are presenting new typo exhibits with experimental collaborations and working on building our neon workshop as a priority.

What special things one can discover at the Museum of Letters?

In our museum, you can discover typographic as well as technical details about typefaces, but you can also meet old acquaintances and learn the background stories in a very personal way.

What else should you have experienced in Berlin besides the Museum of Letters?

We recommend Anja Lutz's Galerie A-Z (at Torstraße 93) or Erik Spiekermann's Druckwerkstatt p98a with its analog store (at Potsdamer Straße 98a).

Finish the sentence - Typically Berlin is:

... that nothing is really typical - everything goes and nothing stays.

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Featured photo by Museum of Letters