5 Questions to: Mozarthaus Vienna

We are asking 5 questions and our partners are answering. Today we are talking with the Mozarthaus Vienna.

Mozarthaus Vienna presents the life and work of Wolfgang Amadé Mozart with a focus on his Viennese years from 1781 to 1791. The museum is located in downtown Vienna not far from St. Stephen's Cathedral.

Describe the Mozarthaus Vienna in one sentence.

The only surviving Viennese apartment of Mozart in which he composed more than in any other place.

What will be the highlights at the Mozarthaus Vienna in 2021?

The Mozart apartment is timeless and the special atmosphere is always worth a visit. Another highlight in 2021 will certainly be the special exhibition on Vienna Classicism - Mozart/Haydn/Beethoven.

What should visitors definitely see at the Mozarthaus Vienna?

Of course the apartment - here's an authentic Mozart atmosphere! But also the installations of the museum e.g. to the Magic Flute are great!

What else should you definitely see in Vienna besides Mozarthaus Vienna?

A question that is very difficult to answer, since Vienna has so many exciting museums and cultural institutions. But a good addition to Mozarthaus Vienna is in any case the Haus der Musik, as it is only a 5-minute walk away. But otherwise: EVERY museum here is worth seeing!

Finish the sentence - Typically Viennese is:

…Are you now reminding me that the coffee houses here have been closed for half a year? The coffeehouse is for me a typical Viennese place - best alone time reading and with "grumpy" people around you. This is very Viennese for me :)

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Featured photo by Mozarthaus Vienna