Support your favorite places!

Many of your favorite places are dependent on your help due to the lockdown. Helfen.Berlin has developed a completely free voucher system as a non-profit organization to save these places.

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This is how the voucher system works:

  • Visit the Helfen.Berlin website
  • Choose a favorite place from the categories gastronomy, culture or stores
  • Choose the amount you want to support your favorite place with
  • Complete the purchase and tadaaa: The money arrives at your favorite place!
  • As soon as everything is open again, you can redeem your vouchers.

Want to continue supporting your favorite places after the crisis?

Then you might be interested in DAS B-Card!

The B-Card is a voucher prepaid card and is intended as a long-term solution for Berlin’s favorite places.
Click here to get to the store of the B-Card.

Support your favorite places!

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