Street Safari Berlin

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Fare Zone AB

U2, U5, U8 Alexanderplatz

S5, S7, S75 Alexanderplatz

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Street Safari Berlin

Digital guided scavenger hunt

Discover Berlin-West or Berlin-Mitte on a smartphone guided scavenger hunt with Street Safari Berlin. Bite your teeth out of one or the other puzzle. After each solved question or task you will receive interesting information about the respective station / attraction! Every shot counts! Uh, of course. Every answer! Because as a prey you will receive many safari points. At the end of your smartphone scavenger hunt, the safari points you earned are added up. The higher the total score, the higher your placement in the Safari Regionalliga table. And who doesn't dream of taking first place in the Safari Regional League table?

Further Information

You can do the tour alone, in a team or in competition with others. The tours are also available in German. You need an internet connection and a smartphone or tablet or laptop for the duration of your safari (approx. 90 min.).

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