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Prime Tours consists of an international team. We treat each other, our partners, and clients with equality and respect. We are striving for a future where tourism is 100% sustainable and an important economical factor for every destination. Already all our products are environmentally friendly and sustainable. We love technology and believe in a future without cash in a decentralized banking system. Prime Tours works with partners in over six destinations and is constantly expanding its field of expertise. By 2030 tourism will be unrecognizable and Prime Tours will play an important role in achieving this positive change within Europe. With innovative ideas, solutions for transport and leisure time planning issues, algorithms, and a sustainable way of conducting business.

Sustainable tourism

Prime Tours is dedicated to providing a supreme service for a fair price, while always acting on behalf of our most important asset; mother earth herself. All our products and services are CO2 neutral or even CO2 free. Technology is our friend! We meet partners, tour guides, and colleagues on eye level, pay our employees above average, encourage travel, education, and social activities. We see each other as family and value each other's strengths and weaknesses. There is no space for racism, sexism, extremism, or any other discriminatory behavior. Together we’re designing the future and the future is only possible if we act sustainably and work unitedly.

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