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Discover Germany’s Prussian Past

For nearly three centuries, the scenic town of Potsdam just outside Berlin was the residence of the Prussian kings, princes, and German emperors of the House of Hohenzollern who created a fairy-tale landscape of palaces, gardens, and churches that ranks among the most beautiful in Europe. Discover the Potsdam Tour.

But the cruel realities of 20th Century history intervened in 1945.  Visit the grounds of Cecilienhof Palace, scene of the Potsdam Conference, where an American president, a Soviet dictator, and a British prime minister sat down to shape the future of Germany and Europe after World War II, ushering in the Cold War.  Cross the “Bridge of Spies”, where Gary Powers was traded in 1962 and see the former Stasi prison, run by the East German secret police.

The Potsdam Tour ends back in the 18th Century.  Finish in the enchanting surroundings of Sanssouci Park and Palace, created by Frederick the Great.  You can then explore Sanssouci on your own or accompany the guide back to Berlin.

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