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Mühlendamm 5, 10178 Berlin-Mitte

Fare Zone AB

U2 Klosterstraße, U5 Rotes Rathaus, U6 Stadtmitte, U2/U5/U8 Alexanderplatz

S5/S7/S9 Alexanderplatz

200/300 Berliner Rathaus, 248 Jüdenstrasse, M48 Nikolaiviertel

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Explore The World of Hemp

The Hemp Museum ( Hanf Museum ) is unique in Germany and one of the few in the world. In the historic heart of Berlin, the Nikolaiviertel, interested visitors can find out everything on the Cannabis – Hemp – Marijuana topic. The exhibition spans 300 square meters and is open daily, except Mondays. Find out on all hemp-related topics and how hemp can help you!

The Hemp Museum

Starting with a general introduction, the growth and cultivation, harvesting, and pre-processing are described from a historical perspective. It continues with the individual uses. After the conventional use, the importance of hemp in different cultures of the world - from Jamaica to India - is highlighted. Finally, the exhibition deals with the legal side of hemp containing THC, trying in particular to unravel the current state of the law.

The Museum Shop

In the Hemp Museum Berlin, the shop offers articles and literature from and about hemp.

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