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Berlin Schnauze Comedy Experience Tour by Bus

Discover the most famous sights and learn interesting facts about their history. The Urberliner Schnauze Guide turns a normal city tour through Berlin into a real experience! Do you want to know where the longest Sparjel in the world or the longest bar in Berlin is? Do you know the Meierhaus, the Säuferleber or the schwangre Auster? Or do you want to peek up the skirt of the heaviest lady in Berlin? Do you want to know why Berlin was a big department store after the crawl? Ever heard of the Pope's revenge or seen dancing Spajettis? Or would you like to stand on the death strip or look into the Chancellor's office? Well, then let's go for the meatballs! Discover the metropolis of the 21st century live, alive and pulsating on our adventure tour. "Poor but sexy" the slogan of the turn of the millennium has made Berlin famous. Be-Berlin is the credo of the city with which it wants to attract the craziest creatives, the craziest alternatives and the most talented managers worldwide. A melting pot of national and international identity, of torn history and experienced stories. We are Berlin. What makes Berlin special for you personally? Where does the pulsating heart of the city beat? The diversity of the different neighborhoods, the modern architecture, the existence of almost forgotten places, art, history, the pure life on the streets, major events, the Berlin snout and the Berliner himself make this city a magnet for tourists worldwide.

Starting and finishing point:

Bus stop in front of the Friedrichstadtpalast, Friedrichstraße 107, 10117 Berlin Mitte


120 minutes

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