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Along the U8

A big city is born

Mobility means a basic motif of modern city life. Berlin’s development into a modern metropolis could not begin until 1920. Beyond the utopian glass house designs of the architectural avant-garde, a technical everyday organism already provided the real basis for simplifying public life: The color system of subway line 8 integrates the most modern understanding of information.

Unconventional buildings

Above ground, along this line, there are idiosyncratic buildings by a wide variety of architects of a generation such as Heinrich Tessenow, Clemens Holzmeister, Peter Behrens, and Max Taut, which, like a new urban axis, connects Wedding with Kreuzberg via Mitte. Their designs for pastoral care, hygiene, administration, and representation defined a contemporary responsibility for growing spaces of community. The basic motif of modern cities is mobility, which also characterized Berlin from 1920.

In cooperation with the Bauhaus Archive / Museum of Design.

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