EasyCityPass Hamburg
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One Ticket, More AdvantagesWith the EasyCityPass Hamburg you not only get a ticket for public transport, but also discounts for many local partners.

Save and Experience more!

With a growing amount of partners in Hamburg, you can enjoy countless advantages and discounts. Most importantly, save up to 33% on interesting city tours, museums, trendy restaurants and much more!

Stay As Long As You Want!

The EasyCityPass Hamburg is available for for 1 to 5 days. After deciding how long your visit will be, first validate your ticket, then you are free to travel across all public transportation services.

Wherever and Whenever!

Get on and off, as often as you want by bus, tram, S-Bahn & U-Bahn through Hamburg. Explore Hamburg throughout the whole city in tariff area AB (including the airport).

Discover Hamburg With Our Discount Partners!Save on interesting city tours, museums, trendy restaurants and more!

With Family, Friends or AloneMake your trip unforgettable!

Hamburg offers many opportunities for families or solo travelers. With the EasyCityPass Hamburg you can take up to three children (between 6 and 14 years) free of charge per ticket. A group ticket is valid for up to 5 people of any age.

Where To Find Us!

You can buy your EasyCityPass Hamburg directly in our online shop.

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