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The Hard Rock Cafe

The Hard Rock Cafe

Looking for a place with delicious food, great drinks, pleasant atmosphere, good music, decor to marvel and learn AND a way to give unique souvenirs? Then you definitely need to visit Hard Rock Cafe! 

What’s so special about this restaurant, how it all started and what to look for when drinking coffee, Marie from EasyCityPass tells you in the following article ­čśë 

The largest music exhibit collection in the world!

With 171 branches in over 50 countries, Hard Rock Cafe has many fans worldwide. But it’s not only the delicious food and cocktails that attract people, but also the atmosphere. In classic American rock style, the chain has 83,000 pieces of music exhibits. This makes it the largest music exhibit collection in the world!

But how did this huge spread actually begin?

The first Hard Rock Cafe was born on June 14, 1971 on Old Park Lane in London. The founders were Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton. Over the years, more and more branches were founded around the world and now there are also hotels, bars and casinos. 

The very first exhibit was the guitar of musician Eric Clapton, who had it hung on the wall to secure his regular place. Pete Townshend did the same and also sent his guitar to the cafe. From there, the collection developed.

Merchandise to collect for yourself from the Rock Shop!

But the Hard Rock Cafe not only keeps a large collection itself, but also sells merchandise that is collected by the customers. In the Rock Shop you can buy shirts, hoodies, mugs, keychains and much more. The special thing about it is that each cafe provides the merch with the name of the respective place, which makes the items also perfect as souvenirs. Very popular as a collector’s item are, in addition to the shirts, pins, which are often available as limited editions.

I myself have also started to collect tops from different cities. I got the idea from my former math teacher, who wore a Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt from another city almost every day ( greetings to Mr. K├Ânig at this point ­čśë

My Hard Rock Cafe merchandise “collection” / Photo: Marie Ferber

What you can order at the Hard Rock Cafe

Besides the cool collectibles, the Hard Rock Cafe also has great food and drinks to offer. With burgers, fries, fried shrimp, salads, sweet desserts and more, there’s sure to be something for almost everyone here. The first time I had something to eat and drink was at Hard Rock Cafe Glasgow, Scotland in 2018. Unlike other branches in Berlin or New York, for example, the entrance is relatively small and can almost be overlooked from the outside. Inside, however, it is large and cozy and the staff super friendly! I ordered a sangria and a big plate of nachos topped with cheese (definitely recommended!). A classmate of mine at the time had ordered an iced coffee and subsequently discovered that he doesn’t like coffee at all. Even after 13 (!) small sugar sachets, the coffee was still too bitter for him. On this day we learned the following: In fact, a pinch of salt takes the coffee’s bitter taste rather than sugar, AND do not order an iced coffee if you don’t actually like to drink coffee ­čśë

Why the EasyCityPass and the CityTourCard Munich should not be missing in the Hard Rock Cafe.

Since the Hard Rock Cafe and the Rock Shop are very popular with tourists, they should not be missing among our partners. The Hard Rock Cafe in Berlin and Munich offers you a free dessert with the purchase of two main courses and a small gift from the Rock Shop with a purchase value of 35 ÔéČ with the EasyCityPass Berlin or the CityTourCard Munich.┬áIn Vienna, the EasyCityPass discount consists of a free appetizer with the purchase of 2 main dishes.

Want to learn more about the Hard Rock Cafe in Munich? Then check out this blog article and find out what highlight awaits you there in 2022.  

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