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Combine river cruises with sightseeing in Berlin’s inner city or on the Wannsee lake, the Havel lakes or the Müggelsee lake and several night tours with music & dance. Choose from over 30 cruises and discover Berlin from the water by boat!

Stern und Kreisschiffahrt GmbH is the market leader in the Berlin passenger shipping industry. With 31 ships, the company transports about 1 million passengers annually.

Our shipping company has its headquarter in Treptow-Köpenick and is a modern and progressive company with about 80 berths, 31 ships and 30 tour offers. Experience cruises with the passenger ships of our fleet. Modern convertible ships, elegant salon ships or comfortable steamers offer a great ambience with sun decks, panoramic views and modern equipment.

Experience Berlin and the surrounding area by boat and discover new perspectives of the capital with boat tours in the city centre, a cruise on the river Spree from Treptow to Müggelsee past the historic Köpenick, a tour of the Oberhavel lakes from Tegel through the fascinating island landscape of northern Berlin or enjoy the idyll of the Havel lakes from Wannsee on a 7-lake cruise.


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