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Immerse Yourself in the World of Spices

In Spicy’s Gewürzmuseum, you can follow the entire process from cultivation to finished product, using antique tools and machines. Covering an area of about 350 square metres, it was generously built on an original warehouse floor, we show well over 1,000 exhibits from the last five centuries that tell the story of spices.

Partly in containers as they come from near and far, partly presented in clay bowls on trial tables, all herbs and spices can be touched and smelled.

There is much to discover in the spice museum

The emergence of the spice trade is a piece of history. There were even acts of war committed in order to gain possession of the black gold (pepper) or the red gold (saffron). With Hamburg, we have the third largest trans-shipment centre in the world for spices.

About 80,000 tons are trans-shipped here every year, and yet we Germans are one of the “most spice-rotten” peoples in the whole world. We often simply lack the imagination to make use of the great possibilities that spices offer us. We have forgotten or repressed the fact that spices can not only be used to conjure up wonderful dishes, but also to do a lot to maintain our own health.

Our ancestors were well aware of this. “There’s a herb for every ailment” – right! All spices, when used correctly, have positive effects on the body! The cosmetics and wellness industry is also increasingly taking advantage of the wonderful, often very sensual, fragrance and care properties of spices.

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