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750 Years of Berlin History

At Little Big City, the unique history of Berlin becomes an exciting experience for everyone. Little Big City brings 750 years of stories and moments back to life. Discover over 100 historic buildings using 30 projectors, 15 holograms, modern lighting and sound effects. Experience 6,000+ figures that make history of the city come alive.

Travel back into the Berlin times

See how the ingenious Industrial Revolution changed the face of Berlin in the 1800 – 1900s. Be a guest at the 1000th Locomotive party hosted at the Borsig factory and meet some of the greatest thinkers, explorer and poets of Industrial Berlin. Now it’s time to revel in the glitz, glamour and decadence of Berlin in the Weimar Republic in the 1900s. Marlene Dietrich or Harry Houdini – who will you pick to perform on stage for you?

Witness history

Witness the world changing events of 1933 with the burning down of the Reichstag brought to life on a totally new scale. Captivating cinematic-style projections recreate this epic event that had world-changing consequences. Discover the devastating effects of World War II and how it shaped Berlin in the 1940s. See how the rubble women helped clear and reconstruct the city.

Experience the stark reality of life within the divided city in the 1960s – 1980s. Witness the split between East and West Berlin Wall. Have a go at pushing down the Berlin wall yourself and celebrate one of the most iconic moments in history. At the end of your journey through time, you will experience the famous New Year’s Eve party at the Brandenburg Gate in an exciting multimedia installation.

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