Discount: 20% on all vegan dishes

Vegan food. Made with love.

We took the opportunity of the pandemic to build something special: Gaia Kitchen.

To live up to the name of our restaurant as planned, the team switched to vegan cuisine after a short time. Gaia which carries the meaning “Mother Earth” was given to us by nature and we decided to use it to present to our guests how diverse vegan cuisine can be. Created was a unique vegan food in Vienna, which was conjured with much love and passion. It is important to us to buy daily to be able to prepare the dishes fresh for you.

What you can expect at Gaia Kitchen Vienna

Fresh pita bread, great spiced seitan, and vegan sauces. Kebap, bowls, oriental dishes like lentil salad, and even vegan pizza.

So just come by and enjoy our delicacies.

Your Benefit with EasyCityPass Vienna: 20% on all vegan dishes

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Special opening times

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