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Hamburg’s Newest Schnapps Museum

The Spirituosum, a museum visit you can touch. In the Distillation Exhibition you can touch every still, study it extensively and ideally the team from the museum is at a distillation where you can watch. With the distillation technique, you can make fabulous essential oils or rose water yourself at home.

A showroom with many spirits and distillates in the Distillation Exhibition shows the great variety that are made in Hamburg or that have a strong Hamburg connection. Appropriate specialist literature on learning to distill is also available in the showroom. For the passion of burning, with our distilling & live distilling workshop a dream come true. Hydrolates or essential oils are produced here on small copper stills.

 “In the beginning was distillation”

In addition to high-quality bubbles (up to 250 litres), visitors can expect a variety of miniature copper distillers. Partly antique bubbles, as well as modern electric solvent distills, offer a certain variety here.

You will also find bags of raw materials used for the production of spiritual spirits, essential oils and Hydrolytes. In the souvenir room, real Hamburg spirits specialties await, the “sample swallow” is included in the entrance.

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