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5 Facts About St. Michaelis

5 Facts About St. Michaelis

The Protestant baroque church Saint Michaelis, also known as “Michel”, is one of Hamburg’s landmarks. But how much do you know about Hamburg’s beloved main church? Here are 5 facts you might hear for the first time.

1. The Tower Clock

With a diameter of 8 m, the clock tower of the Michel is the largest in Germany. The hands weigh a full 130 kg each and have a length of 4.91 m and 3.65 m.

2. The Church Interior

The church interior can accommodate more than 2000 people. The length of the church hall is 52 m, the width is 44 m and the height is 27 m.

3. What you can find under the church:

In the crypt, the vault under the church, more than 2000 people found their final resting place. Among them are Ernst Georg Sonnin, who was the master builder of the church, and the music directors Johann Mattheson and Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach.

4. The Observation Tower

To get to the top of the 83 m high observation tower, 452 steps have to be climbed.

5. Highlight 2021

Until September 4, 2021, the Organ Point will take place in the Michel every Sunday at 12 noon. Four organs accompany a spiritual church tour.

Featured photo by St. Michaelis

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