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7 Ways To Support Your Local Businesses in 2021

7 Ways To Support Your Local Businesses in 2021

The Corona virus epidemic is one the greatest wake up calls the world has ever seen and unfortunately, it impacts those closest to us – our local businesses and communities. Some of our most favorite coffee shops, cafes, bookstores, and pet shops are some of the most effected.

As we turn towards are screens, and away from face to face interactions, it is easy to forget about our once thriving communities that existed in the now empty streets.

Thankfully, we are adaptive. Now more than ever there are more ways to shop and support our neighbors, no matter where you are in the world. Here is what you can do to help right now, where ever you are.

Order takeaway

If your financial situation allows it, ordering takeaway or delivery from your local restaurants, bars and cafes is a great way to have something to look forward to during the week. Many have closed for dine-in services but have now transitioned to delivery and takeaway methods to continue working.

Now is the time to try that popular restaurant you have always wanted to try. Bypass any line, while obeying social distancing and comfortably build your appetite from the comfort of your own home.

While dine-in is largely not an option anymore, more restaurants have found new and creative ways to make takeaway a exciting experience by adding additional items to their online menus.

Shop food locally – support your farmers market

If regulations allow, and by also complying to your local authorities regulations, shopping at your local market is a exciting way to help small local business owners keep their dreams alive. Not only does this help create a positive effect for the neighborhood. But it also sends the message to continue to keep the relationships with the local farmers and distributors.

Whether it’s produce from your favorite co-op, coffee beans from your local roaster, or a homemade bottle of kombucha, there are numerous ways to support business owners during these crucial times, and help keep them around for the long term.

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Buy future vouchers

If you don’t need anything now, consider buying for the future. Although, social events are currently prohibited, celebrations will still continue on. You and your loved ones will still have reasons to celebrate for anniversaries, birthdays, and holiday celebrations. Not only is buying a gift voucher supporting your community, but you will have a beautiful treat to look forward to.

Write positive reviews online

Sometimes it can be hard to financially support all your favorite businesses, but this isn’t the only way to directly help. By writing an online reviews of restaurants, cafes, or bars you have visited in the past, you can help promote their business, and leave a positive message to help uplift the community about their food and services.

Be social – say thank you

More small business owners are moving towards social media. Social media plugs are a free and effective way to show support. You can help impact their business by engaging with them by liking, reposting, commenting, and tagging their business in your purchases. Find your local restaurants, bars, and Café in your area and give them a shout-out.

Take things virtually – online classes

With most studios and classes transitioned to virtual classes, it makes it easy for you to attend a class without leaving the comfort of your own home. Not only do online classes provide the convivence of attending classes in person, but there is also a real sense of community being built during these times of isolation.

By signing up for a yoga class or a cooking class, it helps everyone win during these times. – supporting the local communities while gaining a new and impressive skill in the process.

Shop local – online

As we transition more face-to-face business interactions to online purchases, there are more impulses to buy from larger distributors like amazon. While this is a quick and easy solution – look to your neighbors.

Most businesses are learning ways to adapt during this difficult time even if they do not offer in-store purchases, and they are most likely promoting their merchandise online. If you don’t know whether your local stores does this, reach out to them and ask! This is one way of many to support them with just the click of a button.

Conclusion: 7 Ways to Support Local Businesses

The saying “we are all in this together” couldn’t be more relevant right now. The impact of COVID-19 is vast and it is up to us to support our local businesses and communities during this dire time. If we work closely together we will help the economic impact, and keep our bodies and businesses more healthy in the long term years to come.

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