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Corona Travels: Is flying fun again?

Corona Travels: Is flying fun again?

Experience the latest Corona Travels story during a trip from Berlin to Vienna. We’ll answer the question, is flying fun again?

Last year, I took the train to Vienna via Munich for the first time – and it was a pleasant experience. Quick transit, comfortable for work and importantly, rest. The train is a bit too expensive for me and usually not my first choice. But I’m spoiled by the ever-low airfares.

Now there is a second connection from Berlin that makes my travel even more convenient. The connections from Berlin to Dresden, Prague, Bratislava, and to Vienna. And these all work in a timely fashion and something affordable that can be worth the ticket.


The main reason for using the train was getting to know if it was the same experience I had before.

1. The Speed: In less than five hours from the front door in Pankow, I can make it to a door in the 7th district of Vienna, Austria.

2. The Location: There is no need to wait in lines at the airport check-in. Actually, we don’t need to talk about Berlin-Tegel Airport as it will be closed in November 2020.

Let’s talk about the Vienna Airport instead. The Viennese operate on different level of balance and safety. The cohesive manner between corona hygiene rules and airport operations works. There wasn’t any traveler who was not wearing a mask. Even so, disinfectants were available everywhere. Makes it feel like life is moving so fast to today, where wearing a mask is now mandatory in most places.


But of course, these positive feelings could have come from the fact I didn’t have to wait at the Airport. I didn’t have to wait to catch my luggage through the baggage carousel nor I had to wait to catch the connecting train to the city center. Everything was ready, as if they had just waited for me.

Inside the plane something funny happened. Everyone adhered to the entry and exit rules without any hostility or standing in the aisle. A year ago, I would not have believed that something like this was possible to see effortlessly. I suppose, anything is possible during these Corona times.


The Kärntner and Graben pedestrian areas are lively places to explore. In the evenings, the vineyards and pubs, things were quieter spaces. General Mask wearing in Vienna. As of November 2020 – Masks should be worn all means of transport, shops, and when navigating in a restaurant.


While wearing a mask in the plane or train is not a burden, it is not a pleasure either. With time and patience, we can hope flying on a plane can regain its meaning as it once did before Corona.

Come to Vienna and enjoy the city.

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