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7 questions for: Disgusting Food Museum Berlin

7 questions for: Disgusting Food Museum Berlin

Today we talk to the Disgusting Food Museum Berlin. Definitely a museum of a special kind. True to the motto: Disgust is human! Disgust is fun! you can learn a lot about disgust in this museum located right in the middle of Berlin.

Disgust represents a basic human emotion. It is not universal. What is delicious for one person can be repulsive for another. But disgust also unites different cultures. Do you know which disgust type you are? Take the test and find out at the Disgusting Food Museum Berlin!

Describe the Disgusting Food Museum in one sentence!

The Disgusting Food Museum is a cross-cultural learning space where visitors have the opportunity to think outside the box about their disgust with over 90 foods.

What will be the next highlight at the museum?

Our audio guide Sound of Disgust, which was funded by Neustart Kultur, is available to visitors 24/7.

Where do you get the exhibits that are displayed in the museum?

Most are from franchisor Disgusting Food Museum Malm├Â, while some self-conceived exhibits, such as rooster combs, were realized in collaboration with German artist Christoph Dettmeyer.

What exhibit would you like to display but don’t have in your inventory yet?

Cheese made from human breast milk.

Can children also come to the Disgusting Food Museum Berlin?

At your own risk ­čśë

What else should you have seen in Berlin?

The RAW site. There has recently been an audiovisual installation on the other basic emotions.

Typically Berlin is:

The Currywurst. We got hold of the old location of the Currywurst Museum for the Disgusting Food Musem Berlin.

If you would like to learn more about our EasyCityPass Berlin Partner, you can find more information here.

Featured photo by Disgusting Food Museum Berlin

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