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5 questions to: Waterkant Tours

5 questions to: Waterkant Tours

We ask, our partners answer. Today with our partner Waterkant Tours. On their city tours you get to know Hamburg from alternative perspectives in a cool VW Bulli.

Describe Waterkant tours in one sentence:

Along the water’s edge in an authentic and personalized round you will live your feel-good adventure experience.

What will be the highlight of Waterkant tours in 2022?

2022 will have some highlights in store for you. Of course, we don’t want to give too much away, but you can definitely look forward to new tours, which will also take you out of the city, and new Bullis in our fleet.

Why should everyone have explored a city in a VW Bulli?

The adrenaline that comes up when you jet through the streets at 70 km/h is simply indescribable. But seriously, the feeling of deceleration, freedom and nostalgia you only get in a VW Bulli and if you have the opportunity to explore a city this way, the question is rather: Why not do it?

What else should you have done in Hamburg besides a tour with you?

Hamburg has so much to offer, you always discover new corners and facets of this city. But what you should have done in Hamburg is a trip to the Boberg dunes, the harbor museum and a bike tour to Wilhelmsburg.

Typical hamburg is:

The Schietwetter. Fortunately, there are the good old Frisian nappies! And as they say in Hamburg: Wind is only when the sheep have no more curls.

Hamburg is simply very diverse!

Between the classic brick buildings in Speicherstadt and the many square meters of green space per capita, the city offers us plenty of variety.

Featured Picture by Waterkant Touren.

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