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5 questions to: Big Bus Tours Berlin

5 questions to: Big Bus Tours Berlin

Today we are talking with Big Bus Tours Berlin. Berlin sightseeing tours offer the perfect introduction to a city and the best photo opportunities of famous sights from the top deck.

The unmistakable red double-deckers travel through Berlin on two different routes with stops near the best sights and attractions. On the Red Tour, you get the “classic tour” and see the most famous sights of the capital, its green oases, museums with world-famous treasures, and a diverse gastronomic scene. If you get on the Blue Tour, you can experience the old Berlin. There are stops on the magnificent Karl-Marx-Allee and the most symbolic landmark of the united Berlin, the East Side Gallery.

Describe Big Bus Tours Berlin in one sentence!

See Berlin without getting up!

What other highlight will there be in 2022?

The enthusiasm of all our colleagues who are looking forward to their first ‘normal’ year at Big Bus Berlin.

Which Berlin sight on your routes is your favorite and why?

The Gendarmenmarkt, simply the most beautiful square in Berlin.

Who is Big Bus Tours Berlin best suited for?

For really all Berlin visitors! Ideal for a first impression of the city and a good aid in deciding where you would like to explore further yourself.

Typically Berlin is:

…The internationality. (Alternatively: to grumble!)

If you would like to learn more about our EasyCityPass Berlin Partner, you can find more information here.

Featured photo by Big Bus Tours Berlin

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